Travis Ryan


Authors: Travis Ryan, Brandon Collins


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Description: Forever Holy [lyric video] by Travis Ryan from the Album You Hold It All, Includes multiple matching lyric backgrounds for use with your live worship team plus 3 stand-alone song movies in original stereo audio, split-trax and click-trax versions. Perfect for use with your worship team or for solo performance.

Song Lyrics:

Endlessly, tirelessly sung through the ages
Our humble response to Your glory and greatness
With all of creation, we’re longing and aching
To sing holy, louder still holy

Be it ever on our tongues
‘Til we’ve lived our lives and returned to dust
Only to be raised up, to bow and sing once more
You are holy, Lord, forever holy, Lord

This passionate cry is born here in these moments
Fully confronted by all You’ve done for us
How could we not join as one in the chorus
To sing holy, sing it out holy Lord

For Your compassion and unending love
We sing holy, holy
For Your great mercy and kindness to us
We sing holy, holy
For being the hope even death cannot shake
We sing holy, holy
For all of the power we find in Your name
We sing holy, holy
Because You are sovereign in heaven and earth
We sing holy, holy
Matchless in beauty and infinite worth
We sing holy, holy


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